Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pop! Goes the Ali

Quick post tonight, since I'm hosting my friend Kevin's 21st birthday tonight and I need to clean the rest of the house! I also need to send Jill out to buy liquors (by the way, she's doing a lot better and even had our friend Christian over helping her catch up on their shared class yesterday). Also my computer is being weird again, it's still turning on randomly in the night and turning off randomly when I type too long. I've got to take it to campus tech support or something, it's a huge pain in the ass

So anyway, this is a really quick post to say that I'm reading this book called Pop! How Graphic Design Shapes Popular Culture by Stephen Heller (I quoted him in the Shepard Fairey entry, and in fact he has an essay on Shepard Fairey which I don't fully agree with in the book). It's such a good book. His writing isn't too pedantic or textbook-y, and the essays cover a very wide range of topics, from the history of design to design theory to little biographies of people who were/are important to design. It's totally fascinating.
You should read it if you have even a vague interest in graphic design- some of the essays probably won't be interesting to a non-art student, but you can always skip them and read the more general knowledge stuff if you want. Or read it all, and be well informed!

Okay, well, I'm off to clean our kitchen, more posts later!

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