Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picking up pieces

Jill's mom was here yesterday and I helped her take everything home. She says Jill is probably going to have to do a medical withdrawal from college for this semester, but she'll keep paying Jill's portion of the rent. She also said it was okay if I wanted to try and find someone to take over Jill's lease, but I'm not going to even look. I feel like if I do, that's giving up on her.

I told Christian, Jess, and Kevin what was going on Friday morning. I sent a facebook message to each of them- Christian and Jess because they're Jill's friends too, and Kevin because he's the person I'm closest to right now, other than my cousin Andrew, who I'm not telling for now because he'll tell Mom and I don't want her worrying about me.
In any case, I got replies back within like 10 minutes from everyone, and I talked to them all morning instead of going to class. I felt a lot better after talking to them, even though it was initially hard to get through explaining what had happened. Jess and Christian both came over to help me pack up Jill's things, and we finally scrubbed those X marks off the windows. It was a relief to see them come down.
I didn't get very specific about what was happening with Jill, and I didn't tell them about the connection to the stupid slenderman meme. I thought that when Jill gets better, she might be embarrassed about losing it over an internet thing. I'm saying when, because that's what I have to believe.

This blog might get abandoned for a little while, because I'm going to have to concentrate on school now. I'm pretty behind in all my classes due to this whole debacle, and even though my teachers are understanding, I'm going to have to work my ass off to catch up. Also, I'm still not thrilled about how much this blog is starting to resemble some of those ARGs, and I don't want to add fuel to the fire. I'm not going back to re-read any of the other blogs about slenderman, nor will I be looking up videos or googling it or whatever. I just want to forget all of this stuff, and I want Jill to forget it all as well.

I don't feel as far away or numb anymore, though. I guess shock doesn't last very long. When Jill first had her breakdown, I couldn't figure out how things could possibly be normal, but now I'm thinking about catching up on art homework and whether or not I can afford to do anything for halloween, just like before all of this.

I won't be gone for too long, hopefully I can start writing about art again soon.

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