Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well, I talked to my landlord about the lights but apparently the problem has gone away on its own. He checked the wiring anyway and said there was nothing wrong, but to let him know if it starts happening again.

The Jill situation has gotten a bit better as well. She was actually out in the living room today, writing in a journal, and seemed pretty normal when I talked to her, even if she's still a little jumpy. She even helped me make dinner. We didn't talk about whatever was bothering her, but if it's getting better or she's finding some way to deal with it, I don't need to remind her of whatever's wrong.

As to art, I think I'll talk about my own art for a minute actually. I'm in a sculpture class right now, even though I'm focusing on 2D art (it's a prerequisite) and we're supposed to do a wooden sculpture with intersecting planes that focuses on a relationship we're either involved in, or have observed. I'm doing mine about a boy I used to know who was declared "off-limits" dating-wise by a friend of his, because of his mental health issues. It turned out that the boy was really pissed off about having his dating life dictated by his friend, which makes perfect sense. So what I'm doing is a wooden figure of a boy, wrapped in caution tape, with a brain made of wire and sharp objects.
I'm not actually any good with 3D objects, generally- our first project was to create a representation of ourselves out of foam, and mine was so terrible I'm not even going to mention it here. But this time I seem to be doing pretty well, despite being scared out of my wits by the power tools we're using to shape our wood. My figure actually looks like a figure, and I'm immeasurably proud of it! So I'm going to show it off, naturally.

These are the two main body parts, although there will be a few more slats running across the main body. The arms on the main body were carved separately and then glued on, but luckily I'm going to put slats over the places where they join, because they look pretty weird right now.

Here it is assembled- the drawing on the head is where I'm going to cut out the space for his wire brain.

Another angle on the assembled figure. I'm so excited about this piece. So excited. I'm thinking of pasting some stickers on it that say "fragile-handle with care" but I'm not sure where to get them. We'll see.

Next time I'm going to talk about more design stuff, specifically this really fantastic book I'm reading right now. It'll be either that or a talk about typography and lettering.

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