Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Returning to normal

I don't know if I've mentioned this here, but I never told any of my friends I was doing a blog. I figured I'd wait until I had a good ten or twenty posts and maybe some followers before I mentioned it to any of them. I mention this now because I'm now glad that I kept it to myself, because this is a place to think now.
But that's not what it started out as, and I'm trying to get it back into an art blog. If I can get some interest generated in it as a place for art, I'll delete the personal stuff and morph it fully into what it was originally supposed to be. Or if no one wants to look at the art stuff, I'll delete that and make it into an online journal just like every other blog.

Do I sound whiney? I think I sound whiney. I'm sorry, I'm really tired and stressed right now. Jill's coming back on Friday. I've been staying at home alone the last two nights and dealing with it okay, but now I'm almost more scared of her being back, because what if the therapy she's organizing down here isn't good enough and she goes crazy again? I'm so worried about her, and my grades, and money, and...

So that's why I wanted to do a post that reminds me that not everything is difficult and scary and stupid.

I like this band called OK Go. They're mostly famous for their old video for their song Here It Goes Again, in which they dance on treadmills. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well I can't embed it, but it's right here if you want to take a look, which you should because it's fantastic.
Anyway, as it turns out they have a whole ton of inspired videos, all fairly low-tech and done with physical effects mostly, rather than digital ones. For example here's one of their older videos for a song called End Love:

And then here's one for a more recent song, White Knuckles:

My favorites of theirs are the two videos released for their song This Too Shall Pass. It's a fantastic song on its own, and never fails to cheer me up when I'm unhappy. At first they released a video which was pretty charming with a marching band version of the song:

...and then a little later they released this amazing, perfect video which was built in a warehouse, filmed in a single shot, and perfectly set up. It makes me want to cry, that's how happy I get when I watch it.

Maybe I'm totally weird for investing so much in the videos of a band that's not even one of my favorites (my tastes run more towards indie- I'm really into Mates of State right now) but it's something that makes me so happy, and I hope they make other people happy too.

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