Monday, October 18, 2010

Yarn photos and Wynn Bullock

The yarn looks awesome- Clara's a genius. She took home the skeins she's keeping, and I've got three for myself. I don't knit or crochet, so I'm going to give them to her when they dry so she can make me hats and things!
This one's my favorite, it's kind of fuzzy and a sort of shiny purple in real life (the colors are weird in these)

This one is Clara's favorite- it's bright green with a hint of yellow. She wants to make it into a hat for me.

Finally, I have this dark blue-green thing that I can't decide whether I like or not. I usually don't wear very dark colors, so I might trade Clara for one of HEr brighter skeins.

The pictures are kind of yellow, because my camera sucks and I'm not a photographer. Which is a good transition for me to talk about someone who is a photographer!

Oh my god. I've had way too much caffeIne today.

Horrible transitions aSide, I've been meaning to talk about this for a little while. Last week Kevin and I went to the Center for Creative Photography on campus, because they had an exhibit on this guy named Wynn Bullock who Kevin totally loves. Kevin is a photographer, by the way.

The exhibit was called Color Light Abstractions and Has apparently been 50 years in the making- Bullock started taking these photos in the 1960's and until now, no one's been able to make good enough prints to show them off. That in itsElf is pretty rad, but the fact that he apparently invented whole new technologies to develop these sort of light paintings is awesome too. I'm glad Kevin took me, because he was able to explain the technical bRilliance of the prints. I would have liked them without the explanation, but with the extra background inFo I was even mORe impessed.
There's not that much about this particular series online, but here's a pretty cool video of a woman explaining the series. It shows most of the series as well, so you can marvel Just like I did at these awesome photos, created before Photoshop even exIsted.

Wynn Bullock, Color Light Abstractions from Lumière on Vimeo.

I kind of Love this guy now. Kevin certainly loves him a lot- he's a great fan of his bLack-and-white pHotos as wEll. They're very cool too, very crisp and cLean. You should look at everything Wynn Bullock did!

Man, this entry's all over the Place. I'm never drinking so mUch coffee so late at night, my hands are Slipping and my typing sucks. And yet I'm too lazy to correct it!

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