Monday, December 27, 2010

Figured something out.

Alright, before I get started I should mention that this is from Tucson. I'm back in my old house, and it's both better and worse than I thought it would be. Better, because my landlord is amazing and is letting me find a new roomate in my own time, and not charging anyone for Jill's half of rent in the mean time. So, Mr. Martinez, you're the best, and the internet should know.
It's worse because every time I walk past her know what, I don't want to talk about this anymore. There was a real reason I posted, not just missing her.

This is the thing: Since S. has been looking back over my old emails from Jill, I looked them over too, and found some things I'd missed on the first go-round.
Let's go through this in order.

From "More":
  • The (X) symbols are wrapped around the word IT which is also always in all caps in the notebook and the previous email (see "Jill emailed me"). I only mention this because it changes later, and might be important.
From "Emails again":
  • From other emails, I've figured out that OH is "he" or "it" in Russian, and so all of that "OH" is more IT, I think. Which, of course, refers to our old friend the Slender Man.
  • There are three groups of nine 9's. I'll get into that in a second.
From "More contact, and tracing Jill"
  • The (X) has changed from wrapping around IT to wrapping around my name, Zero's name, and all references to us. She doesn't wrap her own name. I think, and this is pure conjecture, that she was using the (X) first to contain the mentions of the Slender Man, like a quarantine or something. But then, as she dropped further into her delusion, she might have started to shift her focus to protecting me and others. I guess she didn't wrap her name because she thought it was too late.
  • S. translated the rest of this email, (thank you) and mentioned that "haloed" probaly means "hallowed". This is I guess a term in the Slender Man mythos for people the Slender Man has bent to his will, unwilling servants I guess. They seem sort of like zombies to me, not in the "grr I eat your brains" sense, but in the original sense of the word- Zombies as mindless slaves.
  • Twelve groups of nine 9's.
From "Scans":
  • The last scanned page is the one I'm focusing on. That's the one with Slender Man leaning over Jill, who I am now certain was drawn as lying on the ground cut open. That was...really hard to write.
  • There are a bunch of tally marks at the bottom of the page, crossed out. In the post I wrote that there were 51 total. This time I looked at the groupings: the first group has 12, the second has 9, the third has 20, and the fourth has 10.
  • Twelve, nine, twenty, ten. 12/9/2010. Which is the day Jill died.
I...I don't understand this. Jill predicted the date of her own death. Her own murder. And she predicted how it would happen.
The only way this would make sense is if she planned this...and even through this whole thing, Jill has never, ever struck me as even slightly suicidal. It's still a possibility, though, so either it's that, or she predicted her own death with such accuracy that it can't be put down to chance, and that...that isn't a possibility I like either.


  1. I'm not supposed to be on right now, so I'll make this as quick as possible. I'll explain more in the morning:

    Basically that's right; there's a little more to it. There are various types of Hallowed (I prefer proxies, because it covers everyone), which Encyclopedia Slenderia covered: . It sounds like Jill was either becoming hallowed or was totally hallowed by the time she wrote that.

    Which reminds me; I don't mean to scare you, but the guy in the blue scarf that's been watching you is probably one of them. Before you head back to school, make sure you get some kind of weapon, like a pocketknife or a lead pipe. The proxies have been known to attack people, and it's possible that this proxie is planning to do that. When you do get to school, don't stay alone. Ever.

    I still don't know what the nines mean; I'll ask around later in the day. Although, now that I think about it... shit. Twelve groups (12) of nine 9's. (9)



    As for predicting deaths, I think that sometimes victims of Our Mutual Friend have been known to predict significant dates ahead of time; I don't know how this works, but its possible that it's an unconscious message planted by our Friend, possibly as an attempt to scare the viewer, cause paranoia, etc.

    I'm sorry...

    One last thing.

    The date of this post is January 2nd, 2011.

    Today (as of this post) is December 27th, 2010.

    Please tell me this was an accident / mistake.

    If not...


  2. Thanks for the tip about the computer's very old and sometimes messes up weird things. It's fixed now.
    As far as the guy in the scarf, I haven't seen him (although I haven't exactly been running around town). I know you're trying to help, and I really appreciate what you've done so far, but I am not playing the Slender Man game even if I am following it. So thank you, but I think I'm safe, and I'm going to keep looking for a logical explanation.

  3. Okay. You're right, this most likely has a logical explanation unrelated to the Slender Man. Did the police find any new leads / suspects?