Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year

The year ends tomorrow. 2011 has got to be better.

I'm sorry about the entry before last. This is what happens when you write something as soon as you wake up from a bad dream...I guess that's the consequences of having a laptop and a blog.

Let's play catch-up, shall we?

I'm sure you'll all be just fascinated to know that I had a good Christmas. It was a great night, but probably not very interesting to read about. We had a good dinner and Dad and Ted got into a fake fight about who made better tamales (Ted won by popular vote), we all got some cool gifts (I was especially excited to see Mom enjoying some of the yarn I dyed for her back in the day) and Andrew and I had a snowball fight with Hannah. I didn't write about it sooner because, like I mentioned, I don't think it makes for a gripping story, and also I've been fairly busy recently with traveling and friends.

So like I said in the last entry, I'm back in Tucson, nothing weird to report, no sign of Blue Scarf Guy, burned posters, or anything else suspicious. Although today, it actually snowed! Granted, it was not for very long and not much, but still, exciting! It was the first time Christian had ever seen snow (He's a southern California boy) and watching him react to it was kind of magical.

I did talk to the police about what I'd uncovered, but I think they're tired of hearing from me, because while the officer I talked to was very polite, he was also very disinterested, and suggested grief counseling several times. So the police think I'm slightly crazy, great.
I can't shake it though. Something strange is going on, and the only clues I have are the notebook scans and this goddamn blog, and I've been over and over them looking for some kind of explanation, something I missed...anything. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack, if I didn't know what a needle was.

I'm going over to Jess's for a New Years party tomorrow night. I'm going to get drunk and count down to midnight and we might all go up the mountain and shoot off fireworks since that's legal in Arizona now. And hopefully I can have at least one night where I'm not poring over the same meager clues. Maybe it'll help to get that break.

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