Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm probably going to really regret this, but after yesterday's post I opened up that favorites folder that I'd titled "slenderman" and started reading through blogs again.
Looks like this game is coming to a head for a lot of you, two days from now on the winter solstice. I guess I'll follow the game, but the fact that it's indirectly killed one of my good friends has kind of ruined the fun for me. I'm still not angry at the players. In fact I've been in contact with Pete, and he's been nothing but helpful....It's not the player's fault that Jill took this as real. If it wasn't this, it'd probably have been something else...

In any case, I hope you all stay safe. Don't confuse this fiction with reality, don't put yourselves in danger over an imaginary monster.

And happy holidays.

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  1. Even when they leave you and vainish they somehow can still can remain there with you...