Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jill emailed me

I fucking hate this so much but I'm glad she's at least talking to me.

As background info: Jill usually uses her university email, or at least that's where all the emails I got from her are from.
So about 20 minutes ago I checked my email for the first time today, and found an email from a new address, but it's still definately Jill. How do I know? It's from "jill_running". Not good. So I read the email, which I've copy/pasted here for your convenience (again, who the hell am I even talking to?)

IT doesn't have time for me right now but i have to run have to get away from the city and the trees and birds
Ali please dont look for me please tell my mom not to look for me
Tell everyone at home that i love them and not to look for me because i might be safe but it's not save to call
I am Clinging to all of your love and if im lucky that will be enough

Mom Ali Jess Christian Maura Kelly Stephen Tevan Mimi Joey Sam (note: the other names here are more close friends of hers)

i am going to the desert and IT will folow

Then like a full page of (X) repeated over and over, which I guess is the x symbol she kept drawing around the house, and then at the very bottom:

dont look if you dont see IT but if you see IT look behind the bathroom mirror then RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN

And more (X). I emailed her back of course, asking if she was ok, where she was, and if she didn't want to tell me at least keep talking to me, keep emailing me. And then I went and looked behind the bathroom mirror. I'm not going to abide by her wishes when she's obviously not in her right mind.
I actually didn't know that the mirror opened, but lo and behold there was a little medicine cabinet behind it, and in the cabinet were a bunch of surgical masks with that fucking X drawn on them (it was drawn on the back of the cabinet too), a sharpie, a lighter, a small boxcutter or retractable knife (alarming) and a notebook. It was what she'd used to take notes for her Russian class. More x symbols on the front and back, and about halfway through it stopped being notes and started being...other stuff. I'm scanning the pages, because I'm going to turn it in to the police tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I'll post here...I'm kind of leaning towards it, because I'm trying to collect info about all of this in one place and some of it's in Russian (I can't translate it on my own), but on the other hand I think it's pushing this back towards a slenderman blog which I fucking hate.

Here's a photo of the cabinet, though. I think that's safe.

These are the surgical masks. They look kind of like nothing when they're folded up...

...but when you open them up it's that X thing again.

Sorry about the weird pictures on top of my toilet, I actually don't care that much. We'll see about the rest of it later. Maybe there will be scans, maybe not. If any of my phantom readers speak any Russian, let me know. I only know rudimentary Spanish.

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