Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emails again

Yep, still no scans. I guess I've committed to showing them at some point but this is a little more urgent...I got another email from Jill.
It was all in Russian (I think I mentioned on here that she's in her 2nd year of Russian) but since it was typed I was able to copy/paste it into a translator so I know what she was saying roughly. Here's the Russian version:

(X)Али(X) OH голоден и (X)я(X) усталa и глупо. ОH убьет меня. (X)Человек(X) болен и (X)я(X) бегу но я не достаточно быстро. ОH убьет меня. ОH убьет меня. ОH убьет меня. OH убьет всех нас. ОН становится голодным. ОН наблюдает ОH придет ОH придет чтобы убить (X)меня(X) OH ждет но OH терпелив и OH не будет долго ждать


Here's the translation. I took out the (X)'s to help it make better sense, and in the last thing I think the (X)'s denote spaces, or at least I got a more understandable result than when I ran it all together as one word.

Ali OH hungry and I'm tired and stupid. OH would kill me. A person is sick and I'm running but I'm not fast enough. OH would kill me. OH would kill me. OH would kill me. OH will kill us all. He becomes hungry. He observes OH OH will come to kill me waiting but OH OH OH and the patient will not be long in coming
Ali pozhaluystapomnite me when I die

I don't know why there are 3 groups of nine 9's. I don't know...fuck, I don't understand any of this. She's sending these things and I don't know how to help her other than to keep telling the police about what's happening, but I feel so helpless...
Oh yeah, and there was a picture attached. I know I shouldn't post it (more fuel to the fires of...whatever this is turning out to be) but I'm so tired and confused.

It's a heavily edited photo of the view out of her window, darkened to the point where the shrubbery in front of the window pane is almost black. This is obviously taken before she drew shit on her windows, because there's no trace of that X symbol on the glass...I can't believe she took the time to edit this picture to add blur effects and up the contrast. The way her email sounds she's barely coherent.

If anyone can tell me what that one word in the last sentence of her email means, I'd be really grateful. And I'm going to repeat my question: If anyone knows Russian, please tell me.

I hate this so much.

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  1. Hello Ali, I've been reading through your blog after you posted your story about The Battle of the Solstice. I started teaching myself Russian a while back ago, but I had stopped. I'm going to get back to studying it as soon as possible, but in the meantime I can answer your question.

    пожалуйстапомните (pozhaluystapomnite) Is actually two words; пожалуйста помните (pozhaluysta pomnite). When translated, it reads, "Please Remember". The full comment therefore reads, "Ali, please remember me when I die."

    Be careful.