Monday, February 7, 2011

Here's my "findings"

Sorry for not posting for a while...I've been a bit busy and haven't had a chance to organize my thoughts til now.
I'm just going to do a bulleted entry to talk about what I've been researching/analyzing/looking into in general. On the personal front, I'm still doing ok, although Kevin and I haven't been speaking very much lately, and you know what? I'm going to not talk about that because it hurts to think about and I'm sure you're not interested in that part of my life.
In more relevent news, while the police haven't seen BSG- Daniel- neither have I, and I'd really like to keep it that way. Nor have I gotten any threatening mail or deliveries, and no sign of the monster either.

Okay. What I've been thinking about things in general:
  • When he talked to me earlier, Daniel said "Remember my name." That's the same thing that Jill said in her phone call to her mother. And in another blog, Vivere Disce, Kim keeps saying "we gave him a name." So names are important, maybe? It sort of fits with my fear of saying the monster's name, which I still think is actually quite a stupid coping strategy.
  • I'm starting to really understand why Jill wanted to cut down the tree in our courtyard. At night it sort of looks like it's reaching for you. The palm tree right outside my bedroom window isn't helping either...the fact that it's a vague shadow I can barely see through my blinds, for example, or the way the fronds look like tentacles when it's windy.
About the photo in this post (which sort of got passed over, in the blog and in my life)
  • Like I said before, it's probably of somewhere in the southwest, I'm not sure where. I can see what looks like a highway at the edge of the photo, or at least some billboards and maybe a truck stop sign(?), which is circled with an arrow so it must be important. The plants and geography looks like southern Arizona, although I can't be sure. There aren't any real identifying features in the background of the photo. I can't identify the mountains in the background because the text runs over them.
  • The most striking thing of course is that wooden thing, the crossbars or whatever they are, and I don't recall ever seeing that ever before. Also, I just noticed that Jill seems to have turned the crossbars into my name. Look next to them: there's a tiny "li" on the edge of the horizon. The crossbars form the A.
  • I've been doing trial and error to get the Russian letters into a translation program, but it's taking forever and I'm not done yet. I'll keep working on it. I know OH is "HIM" and MEH(backwards R) is "me" I think, but that's all I've got.
About the letter, and this is the hardest part right now:
  • The police have been checking it out but it don't have any leads so far. They're bringing in a handwriting analyst but don't have high hopes, or so says Officer Clinton, who is the person I've talked to most throughout this whole ordeal. It's sort of strange and a bit horrible that I know a few police officers so well now. He (Clinton) says that it's very difficult to get a handwriting match, and usually this sort of analysis is only useful in forgery cases. He says they'll probably be able to tie it to the note Jill's mom got (the one delivered with flowers that said "CLAIM HER" and the name of the Texas town, which no one will tell me), but beyond that it probably won't lead anywhere.
  • The letter also didn't have any usable prints or DNA on it or the envelope.
  • Here's my own limited analysis: I'm pretty much convinced that the person who killed Jill sent this letter to me, and I'm almost certain that H. is also the one who called Jill's mom.
  • H. doesn't seem to know my name, and neither does Daniel (or at least, he's never said it). When Jill called her mom, she said "I never told him her name" and I think she was talking about me. How they got my email to reference it is still a mystery...I do have it public on this blog, but the odds that either of them has found this blog are astronomically high. Also if they'd found the blog, they'd be referring to me by my first name at least.
  • The letter sounded like a prayer. "Lord" and "Him". Like H. thinks of the monster as God. At one point in the second paragraph she (I'm calling her she unless I get proof that she's not the caller) gets *this* close to quoting scripture.
  • The worst thing about this letter, other than the bit about know what I mean...the worst thing is the way H. writes. She talks to me as if I'm her friend or she knows me and likes me, and expects me to like her "lord" as well. And given what she's probably done, I am really, really not okay with this attitude.
One last thing: Daniel said something about "our friend in Marietta"...I'm assuming it's a place, so I googled it. There appears to be a Marietta, Georgia, a Marietta, Ohio, Maryetta, Oklahoma, and a restaurant named Marieta's in Santee, California. I'm not sure where to go from here, and I'm not even sure I heard him right, so...let's just call that a dead end until I can think of something better to do with it.

Thoughts? Observations? I am completely at sea.

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