Thursday, January 27, 2011


Not a good day.

BSG came up to me today. I was walking to the bus stop and I didn't see him until he tapped me on the shoulder from behind...I turned around thinking it was one of my friends but when I saw him I stumbled over my own feet, almost fell, almost screamed. He looked worse than before- remember I said he was this sort of skinny grad student-looking guy? Pale blue eyes with dark circles under them? Well he's even thinnner now, and the circles have gotten bigger. He had a cut on his face over his lip, and apparently hasn't shaved in a while.
He leaned back from me when he saw I was backing away, and held out his hands. He wears black gloves. I stopped (I know, stupid) and asked what he wanted. He looked at me, sort of- his eyes kept darting all around, like he was the one being followed. If he didn't terrify me, I'd almost feel bad for him. He kept twitching and shaking. He looked like an addict.
"You shouldn't look," he said, "You know these spires and cages." (at least, I think he said "spires and cages"...he was sort of mumbling so it could be something else).
I am, as frequently mentioned, a massive wuss, but it was confusing enough that I just asked "what?" sort of mystified, and he replied, "HE sees you, little girl. HE knows your name." And it sounds like it'd be in a threatening voice, but it was more he was embarrassed, or like a little kid told to say sorry. Reluctant, and quiet, but of course he did get that emphasis on HE that made it sound like capital letters. And then of course there's the implied threat.
I stepped back again, ready to make a run for it. There were a lot of people around- I was in the middle of campus- but I felt very unsafe. You know that cold but sweaty, lightheaded feeling that comes over you in waves when you're in a complete panic? Well, maybe you don't.
He moved toward me again and repeated himself- "HE knows your name"- and then there was this quiet noise behind me and I whipped around, but there was nothing there, and I turned back and the man actually growled, deep down in his throat like an animal, and bared his white teeth that suddenly seemed too big for his head so I turned and ran.

He looked as if he would have torn my throat out.

Sorry, Pete, but I didn't think of getting a photo until I was long gone, and as it turns out my camera batteries are dead. I stayed on campus for another two hours. I stayed in the dead center of the student union, surrounded by lights, noise, people. When I finally got up the courage to leave and catch the bus home I went almost a mile out of my way, and kept looking around for BSG or...the other thing. Neither showed up. But when I got home I found this stapled to the same telephone pole where Jill's wanted poster had been burned so badly:

 In case you can't read it, it says "208", something in Russian, and the bottom right corner is burnt away. It is an actual photograph, on photo paper rather than printed from a computer. The Russian...I guess OH is still "him" (well, "HIM") but beyond's scary though. It's in Jill's handwriting. And I don't know where the picture was taken, although it looks like somewhere in the southwest by the scenery...I don't recognize that wooden (?) thing on the side, either. And I don't know what "208" means. Or who left it. But if it's BSG, that's really, really bad, because he might know where I live now. I called the police with half the story, i.e. the half without the monster. They told me that I should start recording what BSG did, exact times and everything, and that I should probably stay with a friend or in a hotel for a little while. Other than that, there's not much they can do.
I'm staying with Jess tonight but I can't be with someone all the time, and honestly I don't think it would help much. I think BSG's boss isn't going to be thrown off by me sleeping over at people's houses, and I can't put them in danger.

I still haven't seen the monster. For some reason this scares me even more.


  1. I'll try translating it tomorrow, right now I need to go to bed, I'm up late here as it is. Talk to you tomorrow.


  2. Thanks, Scott. Have a good trip, too.