Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, Drunk Ali.

Oh my gosh you guys, I'm really sorry. I realize how the last entry sounded, but honest to God I was just really, really drunk, and I tend to leave myself notes when I'm blackout (don't ask). Obviously I need to not leave my laptop on this page when I'm drunk...
The party was good, obviously. I drank almost an entire bottle of champagne by myself, which is why Clara took me home, and why I apparently thought it was an awesome idea to leave notes for my sober self. Man, no wonder I don't write essays drunk. "THIS IS A PROOF", hahahaha, awesome. Like I said though, I am sorry it sounded like I was playing the Slender Man game...It's sort of a fine line between fiction and reality here, and I hate crossing it, personally. But thanks for your concern.

I'm going to wait on taking Drunk Ali's advice, though, because I'm really busy today. Tomorrow is the first day of spring semester (don't ask me why it starts in the middle of the week) and I'm taking some pretty work-intensive classes (2 writing and 2 studio arts, among others).
**edit: I just heard from Clara that the start of the semester has been pushed back a day, in response to the President coming to the U of A to speak. I'm going to try to go, but I doubt I'll get in.

Posts on this blog are probably going to get a bit more infrequent now that school's started again. If there's any news on Jill's case I'll let you know, and same for Blue Scarf Guy, but yeah. Don't worry if this blog goes silent for a few weeks. I'm probably totally fine.


  1. Thank God. I was getting a little worried...

  2. Sorry, I guess I have to think about these things sound. But like I said, it's very sweet of you to care.