Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ok im blackout so DO NOWT FOR GET THWIS. S. first enterise lookats the atr psoats again LOOK AT HTEM CLOSELY capitalizatiosns ok captializatsons  lsoosk at the casps for fusf csake yous tupid fuck whwete teh fusck is psublish wathstsever SO NOT SVORGEST THSIS IS A PROOF ITHS IMPORTANT STOTATP PEEAETEENDING


  1. listen, if you've seen *It*, hang in there; there's still hope! people who have seen *It* have survived. I'll look at your posts, but not now; I've got school *blagh*.

  2. Fuck, not you too. If you haven't been taken, I'm living proof that you can resist him/it. You can't give in.

    Just remember you aren't alone in this. You never are.

    Stay safe, and if worst comes to worst, run.