Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just to say-

-I just got a brand new laptop! And by "brand new" I mean actually fairly old and not working so amazingly. I picked it up at a university sale the other day, and I've been getting it cleaned up and ready to work. It took a pretty long time, too, because I'm really, really bad with computers. Luckily Jess stopped by to help me fix it up.

Yes, I am talking to people again, making an effort to go out and have fun. And I got my locks changed last week. Also: I un-privated my email, so if you guys want to email me for whatever reason, it's available through my profile.

And of course, since no entry is complete without her: Jill posted on twitter again over thanksgiving break,  just once. I don't know what the post means or whether she's talking about a real person, a metaphor, or a figment of her imagination. Her mom called again and asked if I knew anything else, and I told her the police know everything I do. I feel terrible for her mom. She doesn't seem to have much of a support system.

Wow, this entry was supposed to be a short note. Sorry guys.

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