Friday, November 19, 2010


Last night, after I got that email from Jill, I did something that probably wasn't very intelligent. I started looking at all of the URLs she'd left for me in her awesome little notebook.
There were only a couple of sites written down, but I started following links, and so I ended up reading quite a few.

I'm not angry at any of these people. They didn't mean for Jill to start believing their stories, and like I mentioned in an earlier post, I read a few about a year ago and took them as what they are- games. I did end up finding the things I'd seen earlier (those being the Marble Hornets video series and Seeking Truth, a blog) and catching up on them- both have apparently ended and then restarted in the time since I've last seen them. Marble Hornets was one of the links Jill wrote for me. The others were The Tutorial, Testing, 1 2 3, Anomalous Data, White Elephants, and Just Another Fool. The last three seem to have ended. The ones I found myself through links are Road to the Heavens, A hint of serendipity, The World That Never Was, A Really Bad Joke, A Rainbow Life, and Vivere disce.

I'm not linking to any of these by the way.

I'm still in the process of reading through most of them, and there's a few more that I abandoned simply because they weren't very well written. The only ones I've finished are Just Another Fool and Seeking Truth. Right now I'm reading through The Tutorial, because it's relatively short and it seems to be the one Jill is the most fixated on, given her "get up high" advice in the notebook.

I'll say this for these blogs: They're good at keeping up suspense. I read through all of Seeking Truth last night, and ended up not getting to sleep until like 3 am because it was pretty fascinating stuff. I can see where you could get addicted to things like this.
So far I think Just Another Fool is the best written blog I've seen so far, at least from a classical writing standpoint. I have to admit that despite the situation with Jill, I enjoyed it a lot. I think it's not one of the more realistic blogs, but it's got some really interesting ideas, including the ties to Norse mythology which are really quite well done (I'm of Norweigian descent and my grandma Alice used to read myths to Andrew and I when we were kids). The connection to Yggdrasill, the world tree, was kind of cool, as was the story's parallel to a myth about Odin giving up one of his eyes for knowledge. There was a level of symbolism in the story that doesn't seem to be present in any of the other blogs so far.

As for Seeking Truth, it definately drew me in. I started crying when Zeke found out about Lizzie's obsession, because the way she was written was so like how Jill had acted. I liked the characterization and the way the story was paced, but the premise wasn't that realistic. I mean, come on, why would a police officer post case-sensitive details on a blog?

I guess this is kind of a long and somewhat shitty post. I'm mostly thinking out loud here.
I'm probably going to spend a lot of my weekend reading blogs and watching videos (in fact I'm kind of a wuss and I can't watch Marble Hornets at night- I tried, but the second video creeped me out so badly that I had to stop). But I feel like by reading up on this slenderman mythos, I can understand Jill a little better, and maybe figure out how to help her. Even if reading these things sometimes makes me feel sick or scared or unhappy.

Can anyone give me more links to sites I might have missed?

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