Sunday, November 21, 2010

...and more blogs, plus Jill appears online.

As of this point I've caught up with The Tutorial, Testing, 1 2 3, A Really Bad Joke, Anomalous Data, and White Elephants. And guess who commented on the first two blogs? That's right, my roomate and good friend decided that instead of asking someone she knows for help, she'd ask two strangers on the internet.
The posts were made on the same day- October 22. This was when she was in Phoenix for the second time. This is what she said, copy/pasted from Testing, 1 2 3 (I'm tired of italicising, sorry guys)

I posted on M's blog too, anyone who's trying to help us, copy/pasted from there.
IT's been outside my house for weeks. I made a mistake and lost it in front of my roomate. She got my mom to take me back home and I thought it would help but IT followed me back here he didn't do it last time I was home but now IT's here too and I'm so scared I don't know what to do.
IT isn't here now but IT'll be back I know it. Don't know why I didn't look at the blogs about IT before but please, you help people right? I'm just 21, I don't want to die. What do I do?

No more posts from her on The Tutorial, but it also hasn't updated since (and by the way, whoever's writing it? You might want to post again, it took me an hour to get through all your comments).
She did post one more time on Testing, 123, though, on Nov. 9 (after she disappeared). It was on the post about how the guy from White Elephants left. All she said was:

Oh thank god your ok. I knew you weren't dead. Thank god.

This in response to the last post made on White Elephants, where he says that this guy Shaun who runs Testing, 123 was out of comission.

Through the Blogger profile thing I found out that she has a twitter, as well...!/jill_running. And it looks like her delusions are getting worse. At least she mentioned that she's going north...I'm going to give that adress to the police as well, and maybe they can track her IP adress or something. I doubt they're expending that much effort though, frankly. She's a grown woman even if she is going crazy, and with the border issues in AZ recently (google SB1070, I'm too tired to talk about it) they've been busy.

I don't know why I keep posting here and looking at these blogs. I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess...I was driving home last night and got scared by a shadow in the prickly pears on my street because it looked like a tall thin guy. Maybe I should stop, but now that there's a possibility of finding out about Jill...

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