Friday, April 1, 2011


Toniight...wait I can't type still shaking

Okay. Okay. I came home tonight and put my backpack down and the house was silent. Everything silent and unnatural, like God turned the volume down except it wasn't God of course.
Silence though. Utter. Complete. I've never not heard anything at all. It was like I was deaf, but even more- I could almost feel the lack of sound. It was unreal. April fools right? Ha ha fucking ha.
And then the doors started swinging open one by one by one by one, bang bang bang bang bang hitting the walls so loud in that silence that absence like gunshots like breaking bones BANG BANG

and it was there

those waving tentacles oh God more absence, just space between real and unreal and if they touch me I'll die I'll go crazy I'll go crazy anyway because they're

reaching for me

and then and then

someone knocks on the door. Like a blessing. I can hear him knock. And the monster vanishes swirling tendrils black suit blank face all just gone, like a bad it was imaginary. And I can barely get up off the floor to answer the door but I do and it's Kevin and he's smiling and he hugs me while I cry and I can't breathe. He's sleeping on the couch in the next room over. He's real. He's saved me. I told him it was pent-up from the Harriet thing and he believed me And he can never, never, never know otherwise.

More later. I'm alive but just...still here. Still sane. That's it.

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