Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where I'm going from here

I've been scanning the notebook and typing up a transcript because I know Jill's handwriting is hard to read...
I have it all scanned and worked on the transcript all last night, and most of today. I'm going to take it to the police soon, but I want my own copies. I'm not sure how I'll explain finding it to the police.

It's...I'm going to level with you guys, it's really hard to read. I have to keep taking breaks, I have to keep putting it aside to cry...but I'm close to finishing, and then it'll be behind me, and I might know more about what's going on. If nothing else I'll know what Jill's last few months...

I don't know why I wasn't attacked or threatened or anything at the exit...I didn't have any means of defense. I felt horrible for endangering Jess like that, but...I couldn't think of going out there alone, and bringing the bat would've made her suspicious.
But we weren't attacked. There was nothing there, other than the symbol and the notebook and a bunch of junk. The only thing that was weird was the broken lightning arrestor thing, and even that wasn't very strange. Could have happened in a storm, or someone with a bat could've gotten destructive. The only thing I can think of is that I didn't get the message when I was supposed to, and whatever was trying to trap me got tired of waiting.
I got the picture of the exit on January 27th. It's been almost two months since then, a really long time for anyone or anything to devote to waiting for me to show up. For once, my stupidity might be on my side.

In any case...that's what I've concluded, and I'll have the notebook up for you guys soon. I'm doing it as a page rather than a post, to save space.

Stay safe.

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