Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Police reactions

I went to the police today, as I said I would...I didn't tell them about Exit 208. To be honest, I forgot about it until I got home today. Whatever's there will have to wait a little longer, if it is still there.

Back to the police station.
Officer Clinton called me back to give an account of what happened with Daniel. I don't know if I mentioned this in the post, but I didn't give an account afterwards because they took me to the hospital first, and didn't need me to testify right away since they caught him in the act of battery. Look at all these legal terms I'm learning.
Anyway, I told him as much about what happened with Daniel as I could, and then went into the phone call from H. And one mystery has been solved- Marietta. It's the name of the town where Jill's body was found. In hindsight, I should've figured that out.

I was right, by the way. They can't trace the call on my cell phone, but they have told me to record any further calls from H., and that if she threatens me in any concrete way, to let them know. If she calls again, they can put a trace on my phone for the next time. I tried not to get angry, even though it's such a stupid and circuitous way of doing things. The police have all these guidelines that they have to follow even though they don't exactly make sense. They don't seem to know what to do with my case. I don't blame them, really. In all honesty, I'm not giving them all the information they need, and even if they had all the information...well, what? They'd try to handcuff the monster? It's ridiculous.

Officer Clinton did tell me something about Daniel. They can't find any form of identification, and he's refusing to tell them anything other than his first name, when he's concious. His fingerprints aren't on record (not surprising, if he's never been arrested before) and they're currently looking through the missing persons archives for someone to match his description.
He's getting worse.
I asked Officer Clinton to let me see him. I know it's stupid, I know it's dangerous, I know. But I have to. He had no choice in what he did. Whoever he is, whatever he might have done, he deserves to know that someone will remember him. I owe it to him, even though he tried to kill me.
When I asked to see Daniel, Officer Clinton was pretty reluctant. Which makes sense, really. He said he'd check with the hospital and with his superiors, but he wasn't sure it would be a good idea...I couldn't explain to him why I need to do it.

With all of this going on, I've somehow managed to get a withdrawal for this semester. It won't affect my GPA, and I can go back in the fall.
God, I hope I can go back in the fall.

I'll hear back from Officer Clinton about Daniel in a few days. Tonight Kevin's staying over, which he offered to do on his own. Usually when he comes over we watch scary movies, but I've lost my taste for them recently.

I'll let you guys know what happens with Daniel, of course. Until then, please, please stay safe.


  1. You poor thing. You're not getting any comments! And that's what you need now, isn't it? Just for us to let you know that we're there?

    We're here, Ali. We're ready to give you all the support we can.

  2. My lack of consistent comments does not mean I don't care. Although I think you could use a bit more help than the reassurances of strangers. ^_^
    I've been checking this daily to see if you're okay & posting. Stay safe.